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When I was young, I was very involved in Girl Scouts. I would try my hardest to sell the most cookies so I could go to camp every summer. I loved going hiking, learning about plants and wildlife, and being outdoors. My interest in nature continued even after becoming an adult.


I paint plein air because I can see everything clearer. I can breathe in the landscape. I can feel the lighting and I feel I am in my painting despite not actually being in it. There is also an energy to my plein air work that I believe stems from the quickness of it all. My brushstrokes are bold and confident because I don’t have the time to question and doubt myself. I focus on the value pattern, because that and color are the most important aspects of a scene to me.


Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to paint in Italy. I was drawn to the location since I am part Italian. I’ve ignored my Italian heritage somewhat for the majority of my life for no reason in particular, but once I was able to actually go to Italy, I grew much more interested. I learned not only a lot about painting in Italy, but also a lot about myself. In a way, each plein air piece I did there is a form of a self-portrait about my self-discoveries.


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